After Service follow ups

Through research and testing resources, the Church of England is discovering how repeated invitation really encourages people to come back to church.

The best news in the research is that families want and expect churches to keep in touch with them. The following occasions are special events which offer the perfect opportunity to invite and welcome families back.

God Parent's Sunday

Godparents’ Sunday is a response to research undertaken on behalf of the Archbishops’ Council looking at parents’ real experiences and expectations around the baptism of their child. Godparents are part of family and church life for all the years ahead, a relationship that will last for a lifetime. So setting apart a Sunday to celebrate and pray for this special relationship is a great opportunity to share with families and ask for God’s blessing on godparents and godchildren everywhere.

Mothering Sunday: 

Cards and gifts go on sale for Mother’s Day well in advance. Hotels, restaurants and cafes promote their special menus. The mood is one of celebrating and treating generations of mothers, but the day itself can bring a mix of emotions. Whether it’s joyful, complicated or filled with sadness, Mother’s Day – and getting ready for it – is a big day for families, so get in touch to let them know the local church is there for them in good times and difficult times. Here are some ideas to help.


From fetes to flower festivals, holiday clubs and church picnics, summer offers so many opportunities to keep in touch with contacts. Here you'll find easy ways to welcome wedding couples, families of recently baptized children and those who are bereaved, throughout the the summer months.

 Rememberance and Remembering

All Saints’, All Souls’ and Remembrance Sunday are all services which are often well attended, and many people may only come to church for these occasions. This page offers suggestions for reaching more people at this moving time of year. 


There's loads more potential events that you may want to invite people back to your Church. These are just a couple of examples. The Life Events Diary makes it super easy to keep in contact with those who've come into contact with your Church, whether that's for a Baptism, a Wedding or a Funeral. Why not register for the Life Events Diary to see the difference it can make for you!

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