Funeral Finance

In LED you are able to record the prices of different elements of a funeral service that may be required, you are also able to record payments that have been made.


There are a number of costs that are set by the Church of England and are standard across all Church of England churches, such as the cost of a burial in a churchyard.  These costs have already been added to the LED and can easily be added to a service.


You are able to see these costs by clicking Settings, clicking LED and clicking the Funeral Tab.  This will show a list of all the set costs for the funeral.


If there are any other costs that you wish to add, such as the cost of an organist, you can add it by clicking the ‘Add Item’ button at the top of the page.


You will need to give the new cost item a name so it can be identified when you are creating the service in the LED.  If this particular item is only to be available for a limited time, or is only available at certain times of the year, you can add ‘Valid from’ and ‘Valid To’ dates.  You will need to add the cost and, if more than one of this particular item can be requested, tick the ‘Multiple’ check box.  You can also add a description if you need to.


Costs and payments can only be added is after your event has been created in iKnow.  You can find the event in the LED, in either Upcoming Services or the calendar, click the event, go to Finance tab and click the ‘Edit’ button.


You will see a list of all the set costs and any costs you have entered, on the left.  Each cost item has a green + button alongside it.  If you want to add a cost to the service, click the green + next to the cost you wish to add.  You will notice the cost will be moved to the right and the total will increase.  Click the + next to as many cost items as you need to add and the system will calculate the total cost for you.  Once you have added all of your costs, click the ‘Save’ button to save the costs.


When a payment is made toward the costs, you record this in the LED, allowing you to keep track of whether payments have been made.


To record a payment, you will need to to to ‘Upcoming Events’ or find the event in the Calendar and click the name of the event.  You will then need to click the ‘Finance’ Tab and click the ‘Edit’ button.  At the bottom of the list of prices you will see the ‘Add Payment’ button.  Click the button and, in the window that opens, add a description of the payment and the amount that is being paid.  You can, then, click the ‘Add’ button.  You will see the payment appear and the total for the service will be decreased.


If you need to print the details for the payees records, you will need to click the ‘View’ button and then the ‘Service Profile’ button.  This will produce a PDF file containing details of the service, including the costs added and any payments made, which can easily be printed or emailed.


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