Juggling To Do lists and Processes

Life is full of significant days, dates and times. Without clear organisation, it would be incredibly easy for some of these to slip by unmarked and forgotten. For those of us in Church Administration, this can potentially have drastic impacts and need to be avoided at all costs.

According to studies carried out by Churches across the country, fewer that one in ten people who came into contact with a Church for one reason or another (be that weddings, funerals, dedications or anything else) didn’t want the Church to keep in touch. Talking now specifically about people who have been married in a Church, 9 out of 10 couples wanted to keep in touch with the Church, but only 3 in ten had any expectation that the Church would keep in touch. What’s more concerning is that only 16% of Churches in this study made it clear to the couple that the Church wanted them to come back to the Church after their big day!

Those are some amazing figures, what huge potential there is to continue to build relationship after the big events and for ongoing outreach which could potentially be generational! If only there was some way of keeping track of all of these events, all of the cues and prompts for follow up and a really easy way to communicate with your community.

This is where the Life Events Diary and iKnow Church can really help. Both the Life Events Diary and iKnow Church allow you to set up a series of automated reminders in the run up to and after an event.

Perhaps you’re organising a wedding, and need to invite the couple to a Wedding Prep session, or perhaps you want to follow up with a visitor to your Church to see how they found the experience. Well, with the Processes and To Do lists in iKnow Church, you’re able to set up automated reminders that, once triggered, will inform either yourself or whomever is responsible for this, and provide the relevant information to complete the task.


You can add as many stages to a process as you need, whether its a single reminder or a comprehensive flow of tasks being assigned to different people. You can set this all up and, when triggered, the process will run in the background. At any point you can terminate the process if it no longer become necessary.

Each person can have access to their own To Do list, with all of the process tasks assigned to them. They’ll easily be able to spot from the Dashboard, whether or not they have any outstanding Tasks.


Each person can then action their tasks accordingly. The information showed for the subject of the task will only revealed according to the recipients access level. If they’re only authorised to see the contact details, that’s all they’ll be able to see.

By using the Processes in iKnow Church and the Life Events Diary, you can take control of your diary and simply and effectively delegate the relevant tasks to your wider team.



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