July 2022 Updates

Future yearsThese are the updates applied to the Life Events Diary during July 2022

Minor Life Events Diary updates

Statistics on the LED Dashboard - these now show how many services you have for future years rather than just the current and previous years. 

Show day in upcoming services - Upcoming Services is a handy way to see what events you have in the parish and now shows the day of the week.

Upcoming Services

Emails are now clickable hyperlinks - it may only be a small change but we know it will make life a bit easier if you want to send an email to someone from your usual mail programme.  All the key people involved in a service now have their emails displayed as hyperlinks.

Service Profile Updates - on Weddings it now includes the Bride and Groom's Occupations and their Date of Births.

Baptisms - there is now an option for middle names to be added for parents.

Maps - the map app is a nice way to see how your church is impacting people across your location. We've updated the map so that it links through to the persons profile (if you have the right access).


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