June 2019 Updates

These are the latest updates that have been applied to the Life Events Diary. All churches using the Diary will benefit from these updates. This is the first batch of updates we have released since the migration from the Pastoral Services Diary. 

Registry Printouts

Within the Wedding and Baptism Services the Registry printouts style has been restored to the original style. We listened to your feedback and made this update quite soon after migration. 

Service Printouts

The printouts are a handy way to print all of the details for a service with a printer friendly PDF being generated. We've updated this to include all the notes associated with the service (previously limited to the last 3).

For Weddings and Funeral Printouts they now show payments even if no costs have been added. 

Enquiry Forms

Weddings - for the Wedding enquiry form we've allowed the form to be submitted without requiring a date range to be entered. 


We've added a drop down so that the different types of services can be filtered. For Life Events Diary accounts with multiple churches there is the option to see events from all churches in one view. 

Deleting Services

If you are an administrator then you can delete services by editing the service and clicking on the delete button at the bottom of the edit page.   Please note that deleting a service cannot be undone.

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