Marriage Document

The Marriage Document is the legal document signed during the service and sent by you within 21 days to the local Registrar who will then register the marriage electronically 

The Life Events Diary makes it easy to store all the information relating to the service. 

In the Life Events Diary add a Wedding, by clicking the Add Wedding button, or edit an existing Wedding by clicking the names of the couple and clicking the Edit button

Once the details of the Service and the Bride and Groom have been entered, click the Associated People tab.

Under Associated People, up to 4 people can be added for both the Bride and the Groom.  You can enter a Name, Profession, whether or not the person is Retired or Deceased and whether they are the Father, Mother, Parent or Step Parent.  Once you have added the details for the first parent, you can click the ‘+ Parent’ button to add additional parents.

Once the parents have been added, under Associated people, you can click the Save button to save the Wedding. 

To produce the Marriage Document, click View and you will see the Marriage Document button at the top. 
Click the button to generate the Marriage Document which can then be printed, ready for the Wedding.

From this short video you can see how easy this process is and how the Life Events Diary can make it simpler for you to administer your Life Events services.



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