2024 Life Event Fees

Within the Life Events Diary, clergy and administrators can assign the Life Events fees to Weddings and Funerals as well as adding their own fees (such as Organist, Choir and Flowers).

The 2024 Life Event fees have been published and are now updated within the Life Events Diary.  Fees associated with services in 2024 and beyond have been updated to reflect the new amount. 

When adding Weddings or Funerals for 2025 and beyond, the fee shown within the Life Events Diary will always be estimated based on what the current year is until the fee for that year is confirmed.  Fees are then automatically updated for your future Weddings and Funerals held within the Life Events Diary. 

Within the Life Events Diary, Fees can be added - the following screenshot shows adding Fees to a 2024 Wedding (including custom Fees that the church has added)

2024 LED Fees

For services 2025 and beyond, it will show the fees for 2024 as an estimate. When the 2025 fees are announced in October 2024, all Life Events Diary services will have the amounts updated automatically.2025 LED Fees

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