5 Reasons to use the Room Booking module

Matthew 25:14-30 teaches us the Parable of the talents. A story many of us will be well familiar with, one that is taught upon regularly. An account where servants are given ‘Talents’ or resources by their Master, and the lesson of this parable is that those who use those resources dutifully and with diligence are rewarded upon the Master’s return. 

This parable is relevant also when you think about the resources and facilities that you and your church have. 
Many churches have spaces and rooms which are not used regularly, or even at all, but would make for brilliant venues or spaces for their local community. 
Often, one hurdle that prevents churches from making the most of their spaces is the burden of administration and management of bookings and facilitation of room hiring. 

The Church Organiser makes managing your Room and Hall hiring easier, by collecting all of the information into one online platform. Once set up, visitors to your website or A Church Near You page can see whether rooms are available, book and make payment for the bookings, all in a few simple clicks. 

With that said here’s 5 reasons to use the Room Booking module from The Church Organiser:

1 - Easy to see Calendar: 
Need to check and see when your rooms are booked, so that you can set them up ahead of the bookings? The Calendar and Print outs make your bookings accessible, so that you can never miss a booking again. The Room Booking tools ensure that Rooms aren’t double booked, assets and extras are allocated correctly and conflicts are minimalised.

2 - Increased revenue for the church:
By charging for use of your premises, you’re able to raise more money for the causes that matter. Whether you’re planning a building renovation, a missions trip abroad or simply need a little bit more income for the church, using the resources you already have can help make your churches goals more achievable. Additionally, Users can quickly find and reserve rooms, freeing up time and resources that would otherwise be spent on managing bookings manually.

3 - Accessible booking forms on both your Church Website and A Church Near You:
Whether you have your own church website or use solely A Church Near You, you can start receiving bookings without any difficult programming or set up. Simply embed the booking form on your website, or toggle on ACNY integration and start receiving bookings through these platforms. Enquiries can be approved before confirming, and payment for the rooms collected with ease too. 

4 - Greener Benefits:
Efficient room booking can contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing unnecessary energy consumption and resource waste. Whether you’re striving to reduce your carbon footprint as a church, or simply looking to cut down on waste, not only does online booking and management reduce the amount of paper used, it can mean that bookings can be managed from wherever you are, without needing to visit the church office! 

5 - Security and Control:
Room booking software can offer security features, user access control, and data encryption to protect sensitive information and ensure the integrity of bookings. 

In summary, the Room Booking module makes it easy to book and manage your spaces efficiently. It simplifies the booking process, keeps availability information up-to-date, and can be customized to fit your circumstances. The Church Organiser is completely free, integrates with A Church Near You and your church website and comes alongside the other remarkable features of The Church Organiser too! Whether you have a single side room, a Parish Hall or a Conferencing Suite, the Room Booking tool is an invaluable tool for you. 

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