Issue with some To Do's

The To Do list is a handy way to assign different tasks prior and after a Life Events service as well as have reminders when things need to be completed such as Banns Reading or Wedding Anniversaries. 

An issue with the To Do's has meant that some recent Banns reminders may have been allocated an incorrect date.  This has affected the 3 reminders prior to a Banns Service and 1 reminder prior to the Funeral Service putting the reminder date of 1st January 1970. 

The underlying issue has been resolved and so services added to the Life Events Diary will have the correct reminders. However for any Banns services added to the LED recently, you will need to adjust the reminders manually by editing the service and selecting which date you want the reminder to be sent. This did not affect Wedding Services.

Apologies for the issue.

Don't forget that you can also add your own reminders to the services and these can be set to go to a certain person each time, or to the vicar taking the service.

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