November 2023 Updates

These are the latest updates released to The Church Organiser over November 2023.

Life Events Diary

Life Events Diary Enquiry forms

The Life Events Diary gives your church the option to add an LED form to your website or A Church Near You profile so that weddings, baptisms and funeral enquiries can come straight to your Life Events Diary module. For accounts with multiple churches there is now the church selector for people to select which church their enquiry is relating to.

We've also set it so that a phone number or email has to be entered before the form can be submitted.

Variable Costs for Weddings and Funerals

As well as including the standard Church of England Fees, churches can add their own fees for Weddings and Funerals. Up until now this has always been a fixed price set within the setup of your Life Events Diary. Now we have updated this so that a variable cost can be added and you will be able to change the amount for each Wedding or Funeral. To setup a variable cost go to Settings > Life Events Diary.

Calendar links directly to service

Within the Calendar it is easy to see which Life Events services are being taken per month.  This has now been updated to link directly to the service within the Life Events Diary module.

Calendar in the Life Events Diary

Room Booking

For existing bookings it is now possible to edit the times of these bookings.

To make it easier to jump to future months we've updated the navigation so that you can to straight to a past/future month.

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