PSD Migration Update

The development of the Life Events Diary started in July 2018 with its launch in March 2019 from when we were able to start setting up Life Event Diary accounts for new users.  

For the many churches on the Pastoral Services Diary, which was the predecessor to the Life Events Diary we had the task of migrating all the data into the new system.  This was a big task and we really appreciated your patience as we undertook this challenge.  Moving data between any two systems is a long process which even after developing the scripts to do this, then involves many weeks of testing.  We then migrated the PSD accounts into the LED in 3 batches with the final transfer happening during the week of 17th June.  The only churches still to migrate from the PSD are those who have active iKnow Church accounts and we are in the process of contacting you individually regarding this.

So by now if you previously used the PSD then you should have access to the new LED account with all your existing data along with the new features including:

  • brand and print out letters 
  • embed enquiry forms for all services on your website
  • service planner
  • finance planner
  • a handy map of where people live

We know that new software always takes a bit of time to get use to and so we’ve developed a number of video tutorials to help. However the easiest way is to join one of our 60 minute webinars and get a full overview of how the Life Events Diary works and the key differences over the Pastoral Services Diary. 

This is just the start

We are really looking forward to continuing the development of the Life Events Diary over the coming months and years to make it the best possible resource to help you administer your Life Events Services and provide the all important follow ups. If you need help or want to suggest anything then you can email

For those churches that have upgraded to iKnow Church you can also get support using the iKnow Church support options.

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