Room Extras


1. Add Room Extras

Extras are items that can be added to a room booking, such as a TV, a projector, tea and coffee making facilities, and so on.

To add an Extra we need to click the + Add Extra button which will open the Add Room Extra modal.

We can then give the Extra a name, add a Description, which will be visible to those using your embedded booking forms and add an Internal Description, which will be visible to those booking rooms through iKnow.

2. Room Extras Options

There are a number of options for each Extra.

Fixed allows us to indicate that this particular item cannot be removed from a particular room.  For example, if you have projector fixed to the ceiling, or a piano in the room.

Limited Quantity allows us to specify how many of this particular item are available so that it isn’t overbooked.  So, if you have 2 laptops in the building, that can be used by people hiring rooms, you would set the quantity to 2, then you won’t be able to assign more than 2 laptops at the same time.

Allow Multiple per Booking allows us to set whether more than 1 of this item can be added to a room.  We are also able to set a maximum, if there is an upper limit for the number available.

Public should be switched on if we want people to be able to select this through our online booking forms.  If it is switched off, it will only be available for users booking in the iKnow system to select.

Cut Off Time allows us to select the latest time, prior to the booking, that someone will be able to select this extra.

Upload photo allows us to include a photo of the Extra so people can see what they are booking.

3. Room Extras Costs

Costs for each Extra can be added if we switch the Chargeable toggle on.

We can set the cost for the Extra, then indicate whether this is for the whole booking or if we are charging per hour, for this Extra.

We can choose whether VAT should be applied for this item and at what rate.

Finally, we have the option to make this Extra free if it is being booked by someone within the church.

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