Admin Groups

Admin Groups allow you to control the information a person may view on a profile, the information they may change, and the ways in which they can communicate.

You can alter and create Admin Groups by going to the Settings module by either clicking the icon on the dashboard, or selecting it from the dropdown menu and clicking ‘Admin Groups’.

All of your Admin Groups are listed on the left hand side.  The first two Admin Groups - Data Subject Lead and Vicar - are built into iKnow and cannot be removed.

Anyone who is given one of the two roles, Data Subject Lead or Vicar, will automatically be added to the relevant Admin Group.

The permissions in Admin Groups are split into three sections, accessed by the tabs at the top of the page.  ‘People View’ allows you to set permissions for what users can see on the profiles of people in the People module.  ‘People Edit’ allows you to set permissions for what users are able to edit in people’s profiles in the People module.  ‘Communication’ allows you to set permissions for how users can communicate with others through the Communication Suite.

These permissions are signified by a green tick icon. You can add or remove permissions by clicking the relevant space to add or remove a green tick.

The options you have in ‘People View’ correspond with the tabs on a person’s profile.  Demographics refers to the Marital Status, Date of Birth, Age, Employment Status, Nationality and language.  These items appear immediately below a person’s name and are not in a tab.

The options in ‘People Edit’ relate to the options available when you click the Edit button on a person’s profile, in the People module.

The options in ‘Communication’ relate to the options within the Communication Suite.

To create a new Admin Group, click the blue ‘Create New Admin Group’ button at the top of the page.  Then simply give your new Admin Group a name and click the ‘Save’ button. 

To add someone to one of the Admin Groups you have created, you will need go to the People module, find the person who you wish to add to the Admin Group and click the ‘Edit’ button.  Next click the ‘Admin Groups’ tab and then tick the checkbox next to the relevant Admin Group, or groups.

You will also need to click the ‘Parishes’ tab and set the drop down, labelled ‘Administration privileges apply to:’ to either, My Parish or All Parishes.  If the drop down is set to No Parishes, the Admin Groups will not take effect.


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