To add Banns to the LED, you will need to click the ‘Add Banns’ button on the Dashboard. There are six tabs that will appear when you click the ‘Add Banns’ button, the first, which will appear on the screen, is the ‘Main’ tab. Here, you can add details for the reading of the Banns. You will be able to add details of when the wedding is due to take place, where it will take place, where the Banns will be read, the minister who will read them and any additional notes. The ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ tabs will allow you to add details of the couple who are to be married. If they are already in the LED, you will be able to use ‘Search in Diary’ and their details will be completed automatically for you. You will be able to add a current address and a new address, if they are due to change address after they are married. You will also be able to upload any documentation, such as proof of nationality, for the bride and groom. The ‘Marriage Measure’ tab allows you to indicate who has the qualifying connection that allows the marriage to take place in the Parish. The ‘Documents’ and ‘Notify’ tabs will be available once the event has been saved.

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