Adding a Baptism

To add a Baptism to the LED, from the Dashboard, click the ‘Add Baptism’ button.


The ‘New Baptism’ page has 7 tabs across the top, the page you will see is the ‘Main’ tab.


Here you can enter details about the service.  You will be able to select the Date and Time of the service, if the details have been confirmed.


If the baptism is going be a part of another service, such as your usual Sunday Service, select ‘Yes’ next to ‘Part of main service’.


You can choose whether the Eucharist is to be received, or not.


If you are part of a group of churches, you will be able to select in which church the baptism will take place, as well as assigning a Minister, any other helpers and noting how many guests are expected.


You can also add any notes that need to be shared with those taking part in the service.


The next 3 tabs allow you to add details of the child that will be baptised, the parents and the Godparents.


If the Parents or Godparents details are already in the LED, you will be able to ‘Search in Diary’ for their details and the details will be added for you, automatically.  Otherwise you can complete the form with the parents and Godparents details.


The ‘Associated People’ tab allows you to record the names of anyone else who is participating in the service


The two final tabs, ‘Documents’ and ‘Notify’,  will only be available once the event has been saved, by using the edit button.


To save the details you have added, click the ‘Save’ button at the top of the page.  You will then be able to access the event from the Dashboard, under ‘Upcoming Services’


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