Adding Rooms


1. Add Room

Adding new rooms is done through Settings.

We’ll need to go to Settings and click Room Booking.  Then, to add the room, we need to click the ‘Add Room’ button, which will open a modal where we can start adding the room details.

In the first section there are 2 required options.  We will need to add a Room Name, so we can identify the room.  We will also need to choose which Building the room is in, if there is more than one Building set up.  If there is only one Building, it will be selected automatically.  The 3rd option, to set the Capacity of the Room, is optional, so can be left blank if it’s not needed.

2. Style Settings

In the Style Settings for the room, we can set a Background Colour and a Text Colour.

These colours will be used on the Room Booking calendar to help identify the rooms when the calendar is being viewed.  We’ll need to make sure the colours that are chosen are contrasting so that the text can be seen against the background colour.

3. Layout and Categories

The Room Layout and Room Categories sections allow you to set which Layouts and Categories will be available for this room.  For example, we may have Layout options of Boardroom, or Cabaret, or Classroom.  We can choose one, or more, Layouts for the room.

Categories refer to which groups are able to hire the room, so we may have Business Use or Church Use.  Again, we can choose one, or multiple, Categories for the Room.

Layouts and Categories are created in the Layout and Categories tabs in the Room Booking Settings.

4. Extras

Extras are additional items that are available to be used within the Room.  These can be Fixed Extras, which are items that cannot be removed from the Room, such as a Projector fixed to the ceiling in the room, or just Extras, which can be used in different rooms.

We can make one or more Extras available for the room by switching the toggles alongside them.

We are only able to select a Fixed Extra if it is not already attached to another room.

Extras and Fixed Extras are added in the Extras tab in the Room Booking Settings.

5. Availability

In the Availability section we can set when the Rooms will be available to book by people booking Rooms through your embedded Room Booking forms.

When we switch the toggle on, next to a day, we will be able to choose what time the Room will be available from, and the time the Room will be available to.

If we don’t switch the toggle on, next to a particular day, the room won’t be available to book on that day.

You will still be able to book Rooms outside of these times through the Room Booking module in iKnow.

6. Costs

The Costs section allows us to choose whether a room will be charged for, and at what rate.

To add Costs, we will need to switch the toggle on, alongside Chargeable.

We can then choose which rates we want to apply to the Room.

The Day Rate allows us to set a rate for booking the Room for the whole day.  The hours for the whole day will be determined by the times set in the Options tab.

The Half Day Rate hours are also set in the Options tab..

We can set an hourly rate if we want to charge for the room by the hour.

And we can set a delegate rate if we would like to charge per person, as long as the ‘Rooms can be chargeable by delegates’ option has been switched on in the Options tab.

7. Room Information

In the Room Information section, we can add some useful information about the room.

The Internal Description will be visible to people booking the room through the Room Booking module in iKnow.

The Public Description will be shown to those booking rooms through the embedded Room Booking forms.

We can set a gap between bookings to prevent a room being booked without any time between the bookings.  This will allow us to give time to clear and reset the room between bookings.

We can add a photo of the room and we can set whether the room is available for booking.  If this is switched off, people won’t be able to book the room through the embedded Room Booking forms.

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