Room Booking Embeds


1. Room Booking in A Church Near You

We can choose to Show Room Booking on A Church Near you, by switching on the toggle.  This will allow people to book rooms from our ACNY page.  All the details will be recorded in our Church Organiser account.

We will need to select which of our Embed forms we want to use on our ACNY page, using the dropdown.  If no Embed Forms have been created, the list will be empty, but we can come back and make our selection once the Embed Forms have been created.

If we choose to switch on ‘Show Room Profiles’, the description and photo for each room will be shown.

2. Embed

We have some options that we need to set before we generate our embed code for our Room Booking form.

We need to decide whether we want all bookings through the embed form to be approved.  This will mean that someone will be notified of every booking through your embedded form, and will be able to approve or reject them, before they are added to Room Booking in your account.

We can choose to only require approval if the person booking the room is a new hirer, someone who hasn’t booked one of our rooms before.

Or we can choose to not approve any bookings through the embedded form, they will all go straight through to Room Booking in our account.

3. Embed Forms

To generate our embed code, we need to click the Add Embed button.  We can generate as many embeds as we need, so if we wanted to embed separate forms for each room, we can create a separate embed for each of them.

We will need to give our Embed a name and, if we have multiple locations, select the relevant location.

We’ll then see the buildings that are associated with that location and the rooms that are available for booking, within each building.  Select which rooms should be included in this embedded form.

If we choose to switch on ‘Show Room Profiles’, the description and photo for each room will be shown.

If we choose to switch on ‘Show Availability’, a calendar will be added that shows when the selected rooms have been booked.  The calendar will not show who has booked the rooms.

Finally, if we want the embedded form to appear, we will need to switch on the Enabled toggle.  We can then click Save Embed to generate the code.

Our new embed will appear in the list of Embed Codes.  If we need to make any changes to the embed, we can click the edit button.

To obtain the embed code we will need to click the Get Embed Code button and copy the generated embed code.  The embed code can then be added to a page on our website.

If we no longer need a particular embed code, we can click the Delete button. This will mean that anywhere this form has been embedded, the form will stop working.

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