Room Booking Options


1. Costs

Changes we make in Room Booking Options will affect all the locations in our account.

We can choose whether we want to be able to make our Rooms and Extras Chargeable, by switching on the Chargeable toggle.  If this is not switched on, the options for adding a charge for Rooms or Extras will be hidden.

We can also choose to give hirers the option to make a donation on top of any charges, by switching the ‘Give option for donation on top’ toggle on.  This can be switched on without switching the Chargeable toggle on.

We can also choose to have the option to set the cost according to the number of people attending, by switching on the ‘Rooms can be charged by delegates’ toggle.

2. Timings

We will need to set timings for our Room Bookings, to let the system know what the timings are for morning, afternoon, evening and daily bookings.

Switching on the ‘Book by the half day’ toggle will allow us to set when a Morning booking will begin and end, when an Afternoon booking will begin and end, and when an Evening booking will begin and end.  The ‘Book by the half day’ toggle can be left switched off if you don’t need these options.

The ‘Book by the day’ toggle will allow you to set the beginning and end times for a whole day booking.

If none of these options are selected, you will still be able to add bookings by the hour.

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