Create a new Ticketing Event


You can access Ticketing from the Dashboard or from the dropdown menu on the top right of the screen.

You will see any Ticketing events that have not yet taken place on the screen and you can click on any of them to make changes, check orders, or check and set up check-in’s for the event.  If any of these events have had no tickets sold, you are able to click the 3 dots at the top right of the event to delete it.
If you wish to duplicate an event, clicking the 3 dots will give you the Duplicate option, which will duplicate all the details for the event, including tickets and delegate questions.  You can, of course, change these in the duplicated event, if you need to.

To see events that have passed, you will need to click the Historical Events tab.

To create a brand new event, click the 'New ticket event’ button.

First you need to name your event and choose the campus it is taking place in. Once these details are entered, click Confirm.

The event will open on the Summary tab, which doesn’t contain much information yet, you will need to click the Options tab to start setting up the event.  Here you can enter the details of your event, any terms and conditions (such as if the event is only open to over 18s, if tickets are non refundable etc), add the venue details, create your tickets, add delegate questions and discount coupons.
In the Details section you can enter the Event Details and the Terms of the event, which will appear on your ticketing page.  You can then add the start date, finish date and time for your event. You’ll also need to select when the ticketing page will go live and when it will close.  This allows you to create events in advance and set them to go live when you would like to start selling tickets.  Remember to click the green Save button when you are happy with the details you have added.

In the Venue section you can let people know where the event is taking place. Click Venue in the left hand menu, any venues you’ve added previously will be available to select on the right hand side of the screen. If you need to add a new venue, click New Venue and complete the venue details. Please ensure that the venue capacity is correct, you will not be able to sell more tickets than the Venue Capacity.  Don’t forget to click Save once the venue details have been entered.

You can also customise the email that will be sent out to anyone who orders a ticket by clicking Email and adding the content you want to appear in the email that is sent.
You can now start to add tickets.

You can add both single and group tickets. Click Single Tickets on the left hand side, then click the Add Ticket button.

First give your ticket a name (e.g. adult, child, student, adult early bird), decide how many of this ticket will be available and add a price. You can choose to add a fee, as a fixed amount or a percentage of the ticket price, to cover the card processing fees if you wish. If not then leave this part blank.

Choose a start and end date for each ticket. This allows you to have early bird tickets that are only available for a certain time at the start of the ticket sales.

If you wish to add another Single Ticket, click the Add Ticket button again.  Once you’ve created all your Single Tickets, don’t forget to click the Save button.

If you would like to add Group Tickets, click Group Tickets in the left hand menu. A group ticket includes a number of single tickets, so you need to have these set up first. For example, you can add 2 adult and 2 child tickets as a group ticket to make a family ticket. The system will count this as 4 tickets sales to ensure your venue does not go over capacity allowing you to cater for the correct number of people.

To create a Group Ticket click Add Group, name your group ticket, give it a price and indicate how many of this Group Ticket are available. Then click Configure and enter the number of each single ticket this Group Ticket includes.

If you want to collect any information from people ordering tickets, you can add questions by clicking Delegate Information on the left hand side, then clicking Add Question.
Here you can add as many questions as you need.  You will need to enter these in the order you would like them to appear on the page.

If you want your question to appear when people order a ticket, you will need to tick the Show tick box. This allows you to remove any questions at a later date, or set up questions that you do not want to appear yet.

You should only tick the Email tick box if you are asking for an email address. The system will then check that what has been entered for this question is a valid email address.
If you require every delegate to provide an answer to a particular question, then tick the Required tick box to ensure the delegate cannot move through the booking process without completing it.
You’re able to set different Answer Types for each question.

Text box is used for questions requiring a short answer such as name or email address.

Text area is used for questions requiring more information, such as medical info, dietary requirements, etc.

Dropdown will allow delegates to select one of a number of set options. For example, if you are running a choice of sessions during your conference, or for questions requiring a Yes or No response. Start a new line for each dropdown option.

Once you are happy with the questions you have entered then click Save on the left hand side.

You can add Discount Coupons by creating a code that anyone can use to get a certain discount.

If you click Discount Coupons on the left hand side then you will see the different options for this.

The boxes explain what each discount can be used for. Simply type in the discount code you want to use, add any other details required and click Add Code. This will appear in a list below so you can come back to review and deactivate them when they are no longer needed. Remember to click on Save when you are finished.

You have now completed all the information required and can start to design the look of your ticketing page.

To do this click on the Page Editor tab at the top of the page.

Here you can upload a header image (preferably 960px by 300px) and a background image (preferably 1980px by 1080px) to match the branding of your event. You can also change the colours in the dropdowns so that the other sections of the page match. Once you are happy with the design you can click Save Event Theme at the bottom. If you think you may use this design in the future then you can save it as a preset theme by clicking the Preset Theme button.  To apply a Preset Theme to your page, you can select it from the Choose a Preset Theme drop down menu.

If you go back to the Summary page, by clicking the tab at the top of the page, you will see 2 links at the bottom left of the screen. These both link to the page where people can order tickets, the short link is great for use on social media. You can also add a link on your website or an image and link in the Church Scroller on your iKnow dashboard.

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