Keep track of Ticketing Sales

In the Ticketing module, click the event for which you wish to view the sales.

This will open up the Summary page and give some statistical information on your event and general sales trends. Underneath the graph you will see both, how many ticket sales have been made along with how many active orders this includes.  If someone has bought 3 tickets, this will show as 3 sales and one order.

At the bottom right of the screen you will be able to see how many of each ticket has been sold along with a percentage.

To view information on your orders, go to the List tab at the top of the page. Here you can view a list of all orders and see where in the process these orders are. If they are marked as Sent then the order has been completed and the tickets emailed.

If you want more information on an order, click the invoice number next to the order. This will open up information on all tickets that are part of the order. Here you can amend information and resend tickets if needed.

You can also choose to void a ticket if it is no longer needed or the order has been cancelled. Please note that this doesn’t refund the cost of the ticket to the buyer.

You can also search for a particular order by clicking the Search tab at the top and entering the order ID or email address. This will bring up the same information as clicking on the order from the List view.

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