Wedding Service Plan

Once you have created and saved your Wedding event, you are able to add a Service plan to the Wedding by clicking the ‘Service Plan’ tab and clicking the ‘Edit’ button.


Under ‘Organise Plan by’, you can choose how you want to organise the different Items on your plan.  If you choose to organise by Length, you will be able to set how long has been allocated for each item.  If you choose to organise by Time, you will be able to choose the time that each item should begin.


You can then create your Plan by adding Sections and Items.  Sections are a way of creating a header within the Plan that related Items can be listed under.  For example, you may have a ‘Bride’s Arrival’ section that contains Items showing the order of the Bridal Procession, the music that will be played and so on.


To add a Section, click the ‘Section’ button and you will see a text box appear.  Add the name of your Section in the text box. You can then add Items below the section, by clicking the ‘Item’ button.  You will then be able to add a duration or time for that item, depending on how you have chosen to organise your Plan, add a title for the Item and add any notes that relate to it.  To add another Item click the Item button again and, to add another Section, click the Section button again.


Once your Plan is complete, click the ‘Save’ button.


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